Stories for children

As well as writing for self-help, I want to inspire children and young people to take control of and enjoy their emotional lives. Life is filled with difficult emotions and situations, which can feel overwhelming. My illustrated short stories cover secrets and confiding in others; helping and supporting each other through hardship; and remaining strong in the face of our own struggles. All three of my completed short stories are available for purchase now.

The Little Listener

A story about Cleo, who loves to listen - to the radio, her parents' bewildering dinner conversation, and of course her friends... but as she slowly lends more and more children a listening ear, the more their problems invade her little world. She takes them all upon her shoulders until they overwhelm her...turns out, she may need to do some sharing herself!

Kira & Mira's Monsters

Whether your monsters are under the bed, or in your head, you can tackle anything you put your mind to. This is the message of ‘Kira and Mira’s Monsters’, a pencil-illustrated rhyming story about two sibling princesses, for younger readers.

The Kiddinauts and the Lost Baby Star

Sylvia and Audrey are tiny space explorers on an exciting school trip... but it turns out to be more of a rescue mission! When they find a lost baby star, far from its nebula mother, the cadets will need to use both science and helpfulness to put things right!

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All Books, Writing, Children's Illustration and Comics: Copyright Lauren du Plessis 2019.

Photos by Karina Mazurek.