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It sounds like a cliche, but I have loved writing since I picked up a pen - even if my teacher did scold me for making my j’s and g’s swirly (honestly, there are bigger issues in the world Mrs Brown!). We need stories like we need oxygen. They help us make sense of the world, give our lives meaning, and encourage us to learn and grow.


I am a storyteller, marketing by day, and blogging/tweeting/video-ing by night. I studied Psychology at A-Level mostly because I knew I had some kinda funky stuff happening in my brain. And it turned out I did! I have ongoing OCD and anorexia, my ‘headmates’ for over a decade. And the stories they told me? Pretty much constant nightmare material…


What was to blame, at the very core, for my negative and unhelpful self-told stories? 

A lack of SELF-COMPASSION. I was so, so MEAN to myself!

Constant worry. Constant overthinking. Constant exhaustion.


No more. I have learned, bit by bit, to accept my brain and encourage it towards more helpful thinking styles. I have studied self-love like it’s going out of style (dw, it’s not). And now I’m determined to share what I’ve discovered with as many people as possible, including YOU.


It has taken years of work to bounce back from the most difficult times, when I could barely go outside or eat a single meal. My old ways followed me through English Lit at university and into my marketing career. But now, most people are surprised to learn about them! And my mind is a much kinder place to be. Not perfect, but kinder.

I want to share the strategies I’ve learned through counselling and CBT therapy, through research and constant learning, peer support, and so many more wonderful sources. So that’s what I’m doing: making YouTube videos, sharing tips to social media, and writing books.


...Oh, and if you want to really get into the nitty-gritty of my personality... I’m a Hufflepuff, INFJ-T, visual-learner, and my favourite colour is purple (in case it wasn’t obvious).


Nice to meet you :)

If you're looking for articles on mental health, or think we could work together, reach out here! 

If you are a publisher interested in my non-fiction book on overthinking and self-compassion, please contact my literary agent, Abi Fellows, at The Good Literary Agency.

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